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Field sterilizers / V90

Field steriliser

Our V90 steam sterilizer has been developed as an emergency solution: the quickest and easiest autoclave, respecting high steam international sterilization standards.

 It is mostly intended for field hospitals and healthcare centres, to sterilize surgical instruments and medical devices under extreme conditions as natural disasters, wars, poor sanitary areas, epidemic, etc.

 In order to answer to these particular conditions of use, the V90 sterilizer has been designed to be the most robust and also the simplest to use and maintain.

Completely manual, it can use all kind of power supplies as electricity, oil, gas and even wood fire.

It provides best sterilization processes with 121°C and 134°C sterilisation cycles (Prions cycles).

This is its ability to adapt to all environments that has convinced many NGOs who use the V90 sterilizer, in response to the requirements of emergency surgery in fields.