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POUCH MAKER hm 8000 AS-V SealCut

Pouch making machine for the automatic production of flat and gusseted pouches for hospitals and the medical industry.

To deliver maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness, hawo has developed a fully automatic pouch production machine known as the hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut (V = validatable). This innovative machine combines a film reel dispenser and a heat-sealing device to automatically produce sterile goods pouches from standard reels of film in the required quantity and length. Pouches that are too long or too short are therefore a thing of the past. With an output of almost 5,000 pouches per hour and compact dimensions, this machine is at the top of its device class.

  • Fulfils the requirements of the guideline of the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the new guideline of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilisation Sciences (WFHSS)
  • Validatable sealing process according to EN ISO 11607-2 and the international guidance ISO/TS 16775
  • Wide reel holder up to 460 mm / 18.1 in
  • High productivity 14 cycles/min (> 800 cycles/h)
  • Less space 740mm
  • Sealing of pre-formed sterile barrier systems due to optional sorting module hm 8000 SD
  • Seal only mode: Pouch sealed on 3 sides are produced completely automatically.
  • Seal only mode: pre-produced pouches can be sealed on the fourth side after filling
  • Cutting mode: Pouches are pre-cut and not sealed